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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal for homeschoolers in New York State to be part of a learning pod, like the Westside Christian Learning Pod?  

Yes, depending on how the pod is run. Our definition of a learning pod is simply a group of students who come together to learn.  New York State allows homeschoolers to learn in groups by stating in the New York State Home Instruction regulations that "parents providing home instruction to their children may arrange to have their children instructed in a group situation for particular subjects but not for a majority of the home instruction program."  Since the Westside Christian Learning Pod only meets on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9am-12:30pm, for 68 sessions throughout the year, students are only receiving 238 hours of the required 900 hours of instruction (as applicable for homeschoolers in Grades 1-6), which is less than 50%. Therefore, since our teachers are not providing the majority of instruction, we are legal.  The instruction given to your children at the pod should only supplement the work you do with them at home; you are still responsible for providing the majority of your child’s education.  

How many students are in the Westside Christian Learning Pod? 

We accept a total of 18-20 students in the pod for each day of instruction.  However, during ELA and Math, your child will receive small group instruction tailored to their level, because we know that students thrive in small group settings!  This means that for almost two hours of the day, your child will receive instruction in a small group. 

Where is the Westside Christian Learning Pod located? 

The Westside Christian Learning Pod meets in North Greece, NY.  Our exact location is only shared with confirmed families as a way to ensure our students' safety. 

Are you a drop-off program?

Yes!  Since we have arranged for experienced teachers and tutors to provide supplemental instruction, parents should plan on dropping their students off so they can focus on instruction. 

Can my child come on just one day- Mondays or Wednesdays? 

Yes!  While we know that students learn best with consistency and routine, we know that homeschooling families are busy!  If you can only commit to attending one day a week, we'd still love to have you. 

Do you require your teachers to have a background check?

Yes.  We take our students' safety very seriously.


How else will you ensure my child's safety? 

  • Parents give written permission for who can pick up their children, and all parents will need to show ID the first time they pick up their child.  IDs will continue to be checked until the pod director and teachers have memorized the parent's/designated pick-up person's face.  

  • Our facility's doors will be locked during instruction.  Doors will only be opened at arrival and pickup. 

  • We have separate girl/boy bathrooms.  No more than two girls, and no more than two boys, will be allowed to use the restroom at the same time.  Teachers are not allowed to help children (who are not their own) use the restroom. 

  • Our facility's doors will be locked during instruction.  Doors will only be opened at arrival and pickup. 

  • Our pod director, Kaitlyn Coirazza, has First Aid/CPR/AED certification. We have a first aid kit and child-sized CPR masks on site. 

Do you have insurance?

Yes.  Our member fees pay for our yearly insurance from NCG Insurance. 

Will my child or children have homework?

No!  While your child may have occasional projects to complete at home (i.e. all about me bags, family photo collage, book character costume/presentation), your child will not have any regular homework to complete.


How can I be involved as a parent?

While we are a drop-off program, we would still love for you to be involved!  Throughout the year, we will be asking for parent volunteers for our special events (i.e. Harvest Party, Christmas Concert + Art Show, Field Day).  And, during your child's birthday month, you can bring a special snack and/or read a book to the pod so all our students can celebrate your child's birthday.  

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