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Our Pod

Westside Christian Learning Pod is a group of homeschooling families whose children meet for small group instruction and tutoring. Our goal is to help our children thrive academically, socially, and spiritually by creating an environment where they receive high quality academic instruction, form lasting friendships, and grow in their relationship with Jesus. 

Our Program

The Westside Christian Learning Pod meets every Monday and Wednesday from 8:45am-12:30pm from September-June in Greece, NY for supplemental instruction and small group tutoring in ELA, Math, Science/Social Studies, Art, and Music.  Our pod currently serves students in Grades K-2.   

Our Cost

The Westside Christian Learning Pod takes pride in finding experienced teachers to provide high quality academic instruction to our children.  We believe our costs reflect the experience of our teachers, while still making instruction affordable for homeschooling families.  

$150.00 Member Fee

Due with Application (March-August)

*The member fee is per student and covers our yearly insurance, teacher background checks, facility fees, assessments, website, and general supplies for our students.  

$400.00 First Semester Fee 

Due at Assessment (June-August)

$400.00 Second Semester Fee

Due by 11/13 (November)

$400.00 Third Semester Fee

Due by 3/12 (March)

*Each semester fee is per student and covers each individual teacher's rates for the semester.  We offer a 10% semester fee sibling discount. 

Our Behavior

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We encourage our students to be like CHRIST in their thoughts, words, and actions.  Students will be expected to show care for themselves, others, and our space, work hard, respect their teachers and friends, be intentional about following God, make safe choices, and have a teachable attitude. 

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